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Top 5 Content Marketing tools you need to be aware of

It has been rightly stated that ‘content is the king’. Therefore, marketers understand the importance of it. Creating a content marketing strategy is the ultimate weapon for any business success. Useful content should be at the core of your marketing. Here we are going to discuss the top Top 5 Content Marketing tools

Content Marketing is a part of marketing that involves creating and sharing valuable, unique and consistent content not explicitly to promote a brand but to attract a defined audience. Social media is considered an integral part of content marketing.

Top 5 Content Marketing tools

There are various reasons why content marketing is good and is used by the organizations but majorly there are three key reasons listed below:

  • Increase in sales
  • Cost-effective
  • More loyal customers

There are countless content marketing tools to make things easier and to improve your productivity. Some of the top 5  content marketing tools are listed below:


This is one of the most used tools among the others as it is very user-friendly. Whether you are an English Scholar or Grammar Nazi, there are times when you need to reconfirm that the piece of content is correct or not.

With the help of this content marketing tool which is free, you can point out any minor of minor grammatical mistakes. Along with spotting the mistakes, the tool helps you with giving context relevant suggestions and replacements with variables. If you need other opinions like active passive writings, you need to purchase the paid version. Otherwise, the free version is apt for checking your writings.

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

Being a content creator, one should be aware of the importance of the content’s headline. One must use the appropriate headline if you have made a high-quality content, but you don’t you apt headline, then the piece of content would be totally a waste.

By using this headline analyzer, you can peruse the effectiveness of headlines to create the best headline for the content. This tool scores your headline based on the overall word balance, length, keywords and sentiments, which can help you choose what headline can be best for a particular piece of content.


Canva is the best content marketing tool to create hassle-free creative designs. This tool is free, easy and safe for non-graphic designers who don’t know how to use Photoshop and other designing tools. Designing software is complicated and sometimes it takes really long like weeks/months to learn its usage.

By utilizing Canva, you can make beautiful creative designs like posters, flyers, presentations, Facebook post, and blog banners, the, etc. (all kind of online creative) by its easiest drag and drop feature. The Canva is the most popular and free tool in google that the region they come in Top 5 Content Marketing tools

Google Keyword Tool

Creating content without using appropriate keywords is simply useless. Generating content for marketing strategies is incomplete without fitting keywords in it. Using this tool will help you able to research appropriate keywords for your content strategies and you can use them in content’s headline and body accordingly.

Make the best use of this free content marketing keyword tool to create content marketing strategies by using the information which shows the approximation of the search traffic certain keywords that the users are currently using. The Google Keyword tool is the most popular and free tool in google that the region they come in Top 5 Content Marketing tools


Buzzsumo is considered as the most effective content marketing tool that can majorly help content marketers in many ways. This tool analyzes which content performs best for any topic or competitor and find key influencers to promote the content.

This tool is very easy to use and take only a little time to complete a search and better understand what it takes to compete with top social media and search engine performers.

According to us, these are the best content marketing tools that will help you create the best of marketing strategies and distribute valuable content to the potential audience. There are numerous tools available in the market. Hence, you can choose any of them according to your business need. Just remember that it should solve your purpose.


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The Art of Content Marketing

The art of content marketing is engaging your audience more to promote your business by creating valuable content, promotion more into digital marketing and less of a traditional advertisement. As quoted by Mark Mcguinness, “the less the content looks like advertising, the more effective it will be at advertising.” Here we are going to discuss the Art of Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a form of marketing which focused on creating and sharing free valuable content to attract and convert the prospects into customers and customers into loyal buyers. You must have heard this phrase that ‘content is the king’. And yes, that true.

Think about it. Without content, the SEO have nothing to optimize for search engines, the social media has nothing to engage and the email marketing has nothing to display. Content is the heart of any marketing. Be it traditional or digital. Content is very much crucial regardless of whatever form the content is, it always gives information to your customer, clients or readers.

Effective content marketing always attracts people’s attention. It generally gives loyal customers and increased sales. Also, it’s a myth that you need huge marketing budgets to succeed. You need to have good content marketing to beat bigger competitors online.  Art of Content Marketing is very important for content marketing

Art of Content Marketing- Develop Your Content

Content is very much important for any business. This is not a new concept; some businesses are doing it for the longest period of time as they have been creating content before it becomes a hot topic.

Also, the art of Content Marketing would be more in demand this year, even leaving Email Marketing behind. More than 60% of marketers believe that content marketing gives better results as compared to other digital marketing strategies.

Here, are some of the secret formulas for writing good quality content:

  • Write effective and strong headlines
  • Do proper research and include data, statistics, and metrics in your content
  • Write unique content so that search algorithm rate the content high
  • Optimize the content according to the best SEO practices.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a long process. Hence, it takes time to create consistently informative, unique and valuable content for the customers.

Some of the Benefits of Content Marketing are-

  • Boost sales
  • The unique content helps in engagement
  • Builds brand loyalty

Content is very much crucial. If you are keen to learn about content or content marketing, enroll in the best digital marketing course.


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