Offline digital marketing: best option to choose

Digital marketing is the idea of using digital platforms such as the internet, mobile devices, social media platforms, and search engine optimization for marketing and increasing customer reach. It refers to various promotional techniques to generate leads with the help of digital technologies.
Digital marketing is a fast-paced and demanding industry that needs a skill set and training. It is about connecting with your potential clients at the right place and right time.

Benefits of digital marketing-

• Build brand name-

is the opportunity to target customers efficiently and swiftly. The essential components which include branding are the company name, logo, colour schemes, slogans, etc. 78% of consumers trust the brands that build their relevant and custom content.

• Target relevant audience and results-

Targeting the right audience is the decisive action for any business success. Most of the consumers spent more than half of the budget for finding the target audience.

• Measurable results-

Targeting the effects of digital marketing are crucial as it helps in improving and aggregating the results for future strategies. It includes the website, Facebook traffics data and analyzing the outcome.

• Cost-effective-

Marketing helps in all sizes of businesses to effectively reach and engage the target consumers online. There are several services, such as email marketing, social media marketing, blogging are some low-cost marketing campaigns.Digital marketing improves the acceptance of the brand as it is the most valuable factor for any company. Better recognition of the company on the social platforms and search engine makes sure that the brand will able to win the attention and engagement of the real audience, and become more trustworthy.

• Customer satisfaction-

Digital marketing has completely changed the business approach. For better customer satisfaction, one vital step is to respond to the always-on consumers’ instance. Satisfied customers can turn into loyal customers and provide valuable feedback about their experience. Feedbacks can be in the form of surveys, feedback forms, blogs, and comments,

• Convenience for the businesses-

Digital marketing is a more potent form of marketing, as it will help in reaching the most targeted customers. No matter which industry is in, social media channels helps in providing and publishing unique content for products and services.

• Delivering the conversion(ROI)-

For receiving the traffics and connecting with the targeted customer, digital marketing can help in successful convert to leads. Small businesses can also help in engaging with multiple customers from any part of the world.

Why is classroom digital marketing course better than an online course?

Online courses are gaining high popularity these days. What candidate all need is just a laptop, high internet speed and your comfort place. Technological changes have made our life more comfortable, but doing online courses worth the price/hype or not? Let’s evaluate:

Classroom course Online course
Skill development The opportunity of skill development is high in-classroom courses as trainers give you not only details of course but also day to day problems in the working sector Online courses are nothing but videos recorded by the trainers regarding the topics. No option of personal skill development for students
Teaching time/method Offline classes have the timing of at least 2-3 hours weekday or weekend. One can also ask for some examples for better understandings As the content of the video is rigid and not more than 10- 20 minutes. The information shared about the topic is very basic
Total number of candidates Classes do not allow more than 10-20 students in their every class which means less distraction and more personal or one –to– one interaction with the trainer Unlimited students and no personal interaction with the trainer or other students
Query solving On-time query solving for the students, and even after that one can ask the trainer to provide some more information Questions mainly posted through the comment section which means no guarantee or time and answer
Query solving Classroom course provides the opportunity to interact not only with trainers but also from co-learners where one can learn from their experience. No interaction or learnings from others as you are doing the course at your space
Cost A bit costly than an online course but worth the price Cheaper than an offline course, still not worth the price and time
Completion of course 90% of students complete the offline course due to better learning and motivation 30-40% stay motivated until the last module and complete the course
Motivation Highly motivated students Less motivated students


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