Paid Marketing Expert

Paid Marketing Expert

A complete advance Paid Marketing course

All you need to learn about paid marketing & creating successful marketing campaigns

What you will get


Exclusively developed Paid marketing course content


Strategic overview of social media, channel & customer engagement


Understanding of Google Ads & digital marketing industry niche


Understanding of future opportunities: do’s & don’ts


DigitalMantra certificate in association with IAMAI

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Course Info

Paid Marketing Expert

Duration: 30 Days
Level: Beginner
Pricing: 18000
Offer Price: 6900 + TAX

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30 Days


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Modules covered in this course

Introduction of Paid Marketing or Online Advertising
  • What is paid marketing
  • Market research essentials
  • Setting goals
  • Sales funnel
  • Setting up your campaign
Online Advertising Concept
  • What is Google Ads?
  • How Google Ads work?
  • Google ads account setup
  • Selection of right campaign
  • Understanding of keywords
Search Engine Marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Account Structure
  • Developing a Google Ads Campaign
  • Model for Successful Online Advertising
  • Campaign Types
  • Search Campaign
  • Display Campaigns
  • Campaign Settings
  • Advanced Settings
  • Campaign Setup Options
  • Mobile Apps Campaign
  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Campaigns
  • Google Ads Reporting
  • Optimization Techniques
Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook
    • Build your audience
    • Account Structure
    • Types of Campaigns
    • Competitive research
    • Optimization Techniques
    • How to convert fans into customers
  • Instagram
    • Introduction of Instagram marketing
    • Creating an Instagram power account
    • Types of Campaigns & campaign structure
    • Optimization strategies & techniques
    • Instagram growth tools & features
  • Twitter
    • Why to choose twitter
    • Account Structure
    • Types of Campaigns
    • Twitter for branding & customer engagement
    • Optimization Techniques
    • Real time tools & techniques
  • LinkedIn
    • All about LinkedIn
    • Account Structure
    • Creating a LinkedIn group
    • Driving traffic from LinkedIn account
    • Types of LinkedIn Campaigns
    • Optimization Techniques & LinkedIn leads

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