Digital Marketing: Expectations vs. Reality

Digital marketing is one of the most famous names in India these days. As per the survey conducted Mobile association of India, India will be having more than 800 million internet users by 2020. So, it is creating a fascinating platform for all the opportunity seeker business to grab significant market share.
There are many differences in our expectations and reality. We always expect higher results in our life, but it is something that not always comes out the same. The same is in the care of digital marketing.

Expectation 1- Higher the visibility, higher the business

Reality: this is never a healthy expectation for a business. As we understand that traffic is an essential factor for grabbing leads, but higher-visibility never guarantees the conversion of the potential leads to a successful business.

Expectation 2- Digital marketing is not a small business’s cup of tea

Reality: For digital marketing size of the organization/business never matter. Running some business is the only factor needed for implying digital marketing strategies. If any customer, who is interested in your product/service, that first action from the side of the customer will be searching for a particular product/service on the internet. So no business can neglect the importance of digital marketing.

Expectation 3- it is easy to be a marketer. It’s an effortless task

Reality: what happened when you want to get CA services? Do you take all work to the concerned person or start doing it by yourself only? The same applies to digital marketing. You can make some small changes or analyze the data, but that does not mean you can handle all the marketing strategies. It will take time and effort.

Expectation 4- paid ads will start sharing results from day 1

Reality: paid ads are a better option for turning the leads into profitable action for business, but that doesn’t mean that all the benefits will start showing from day 1. It will take time and effort. Trying and testing new options is the best thing to do for ad versions and strategies.

Expectation 5- one for all works for all social media platforms

Reality: the Interest and liking of every social media user differ from one platform to another. When your company/business is running on more than one platform, it is crucial to work on every platform separately to produce the content that works for the particular platform for accurate and expected performance.

Expectation 6- setting an excellent digital marketing strategy is enough

Reality: so many business mentors expect that once a good digital marketing strategy set, you do not need to work on it. It’s not true. For consistent results, one needs to keep a constant eye over the data and analysis of the results for future planning.

Expectation 7- Unique content guarantees success of marketing strategy

Reality: creating unique content is the need of today’s digital world; it never guarantees the success of the marketing strategy. The fact is far from your thinking. Your competitor may be posting/presenting more unique content than you. So the best option is to provide not just exclusive but high-quality content to stand a few steps further than your competitors.

Expectation 8- digital marketing is a costly affair

Reality: for setting an excellent digital marketing strategy, investment is a need, but there are so many options that are efficient for the business. To run a successful marketing strategy, suggested taking help from digital marketing professional before implementing any new plan.

Finally, we can understand that digital marketing is the need of an hour, but only using digital marketing strategies without analyzing the need is nothing but wasting efforts and resources. So it is always suggested to understand, analyze, and then go for any decision.


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