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Impact of Social Media Marketing in Corona Pandemic

The global pandemic of 2020 has affected the whole world in one way or the other but here’s the impact of Social Media Marketing in Corona Pandemic.


Social networking has transformed the way people communicate, learn, exchange knowledge and do business- but you still know that so let’s get to the positive things. Here’s what you need to know:-

Social media- this is the tool that people are using to communicate, exchange thoughts and experiences. Businesses leverage this network to deliver with clients and develop their products.

Social networks – include Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.; these are the sites where there is mutual contact. – Social media marketing – using this technology to build relationships that build awareness, customer trust and of course, repeat business.

How to use social networking for business with social media marketing in corona pandemic:

Businesses, both big and small, using social media to do the following:

  1. Promote brand name and company name
  2. Inform customers regarding the goods and services they sell.
  • Check out what people are talking with their mark
  1. Attract new clients and Develop closer ties with current clients

What are the advantages of social media for your business in COVID-19?

  • Broader scope– with a single common social networking site, you will meet millions of people.
  • Local personalized messaging – it is essential to address the audience precisely such that the advertisement has its desired effect, and the social network supports that.
  • Low-to-zero expense – most popular sites should be free to use, so those paying money won’t spread the budget thin.
  • Fast and straightforward configuration – it takes just a short time to set up and post account details- so everyone can do it.
  • Direct contact – social networking helps organizations to deliver tailored communications to clients and assist them to solve specific challenges such as execution.

How do businesses use social media effectively?

All begins with goals. If you formulate your priorities accurately and realize from the start what you want your campaign strategies to accomplish, planning and executing a successful plan shouldn’t be too challenging. These are some of the ways established brands use social media to expand their reach:

  • Spreading the word – show your customers who you are, what you can do and more importantly, how your product or service can benefit the prospect.
  • Drive sales – you can do this by offering existing customers special offers or starting a promotion. Just make sure they like it well enough to share it with their social circles.
  • Offer excellent customer support to consumers – that is important to every company. Still, social networking makes it far more straightforward for you to connect with customers and find out what they need. Figure out what they think about you and set up a robust feedback system.
  • Keep them coming back – they can only come back when you put in motion an efficient network and create good consumer relationships.

Key networks

Various forms of social networks operate for different marketing purposes. The trick is to identify a core location that can take as many channels as possible into consideration, without saturating the post. Any of the leading networks are:

  1. Facebook – a platform that allows you to hold consumer discussions and share images, articles, and notifications on new items and apps.
  2. Twitter-a platform for micro-blogging which you can use to submit and receive short messages and share photographs.
  • Youtube – the most popular video hosting website. This should be used when posting promotional videos, and the videos should be linked to other social media networks.
  1. Photo-sharing – these are websites that allow you to store, organize and share photo collections with customers.

If you are not entirely acquainted with social networking, and you do not know how to use it to develop your brand, this guide has been written for you. For first, the details can sound confusing but knowing more is worth it all.

How to get going with social networking

The worst thing is no intervention by using social media to build a company, and the worst issue is invisibility-not negative thinking. If you’re part of the dialogue, you can still manipulate what people think about your brand; but if no one cares about you, then you don’t have any chance to expand. What this means is that you need to get involved: not only to exploit the many business opportunities available for your business but also to develop a winning reputation.

Starting with a strategy that takes into consideration the common patterns that shape today’s social network engagement and creating a structure that can help keep the interactions successful and meaningful, is a smart idea.

Here are ten steps to get you started:

  • Reset targets.

Talk of what you think the mutual contact can carry to bear. Will you do so to produce direct revenue, deliver superior customer support or, superior still, build deeper consumer relationships? Your responses to these questions can influence how you set goals.

  • Consider your resources.

 It’s going to take more than a smart idea to set up a marketing plan that works: you need people working for you. Someone has to set up social media accounts, engage with customers and respond to questions, create compelling content, etc.

  • Know the audience well.

Find out where the group is spending time, what topics they are engaging in, who is affecting them, and what kind of knowledge they are looking for from you. To offer what they expect to the audience, you will first consider how they are, how they perceive, and what they want from you.

  • Upon reasonable quality.

You will then focus on offering them more to think about and probably discuss after you figure out what the group is into. Conversations have to keep going and this means creating lots of good content for the audience. Try to create a variety of different types of content that can be shared.

  • Keep price in mind.

Although the burden of making content is definitely understandable, for the sake of conversation, you can not decide to construct a lot of meaningless topics; people would tire of it. The aim here is to create real consumers because if you don’t deliver valuable knowledge because products/services, this won’t happen.

  • Promoting your goods

Any media network open to you every two minutes is enticing, but you will need to do it that is not self-promotional, so you don’t get too self-absorbed or too salesy.

  • What’s going on social media
  • Take time to look at what’s going on in social media every day and get engaged with your clients and figure out what the overall feeling is about your company.
  • Know Social Networks history

What do your rivals do, and what do you know from that? Read more about societal movements to figure out where the communication tactics have gone wrong for businesses or products, and you don’t commit more errors.

  • Acquire brand advocates and inspire them to promote the products by studying the most involved individuals in social networks.

Centre your focus to where it counts to read more about those blogs and how larger businesses are leveraging them to sell their products.


The figures aren’t misleading when it comes to this; you want the pages with the most significant amount of daily visitors to have a broader presence. At over one billion people globally, Facebook alone would allow you exposure to a social network. Apps such as As, Calendar, Newsfeed, Games, Cover Picture, and Smartphone Upload; these can be useful when you slowly interact with your prospects, so master the lingo and get to work.


When sending tweets to your users, you get up to 140 characters, and you can even add connections, images, and pictures.

When creating a social network for your business, start with these people:

  1. Customers
  2. Business partners, suppliers and contractors
  • Relevant trade organizations for your industry
  1. Local businesses in your neighbourhood

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A Social Media Marketing Strategy for this COVID-19 Outbreak

For Your Company needs careful preparation and implementation of appropriate social networking campaigns. If you’re new to this and need a few blog posts and occasional notifications to see progress, you may consider the entire thing rather frustrating. Serious advertisers recognize that at least these three components will be implemented to unlock the maximum value of social media:

  • Listening to the audience
  • Exchanging important information
  • Encouraging the audience to spread the message

Start from these three steps as you bring together the plan:

  • Appeal- that involves discovering various avenues to expand your fan base based on what they are in. Know regarding your fans as best as you can, and build a traditional fan persona. Now, you learn how to center the promotion on them.
  • Promotion – arrive at relevant posts and hold them brief and to the point.
  • Selling – Answering questions is one of the most straightforward approaches to gain customer input when you choose to market goods and services. You will figure out what the audience needs, and you will create everything that they can spend on.

Now you can use the following suggestions in the next section to expand your fan base.

  1. Log over to fellow website administrators
  2. Data distribution
  • Mark your professional profile on your Facebook account
  1. Site link to your profile.
  2. Use Facebook in your email signature
  3. Post on different articles
  • Run Games, quizzes and contest
  • Set up your business card’s QR code, and use the Facebook page connect
  1. Using a supported story to attract more Facebook followers
  2. Add a Like box on the web updates Facebook pages

You’ve already learned by now that giving anything special to your Facebook followers may be a successful way to increase the number of fans that you have. It’s easy, and you come up with a deal that customers would enjoy, spend time marketing it across all of your social media, and encourage more users to check in to your official Facebook page in the process.

Limited deals are a normal part of the selling campaign for other companies. Unique offers, promotions, and incentives are used to draw potential clients and honour the most faithful ones. But designing this sort of strategy often isn’t as successful as one should expect, and prospects stay unmoved.

Best Digital Marketing Course in Noida

All about Best Digital Marketing Course in Noida, Digital Marketing Training in Noida, Digital Marketing Institute in Noida

Digital marketing is a combination of all the significant digital marketing efforts with the use of the internet and electronic devices. Several channels are used, such as social media, email, search engine, and their websites to connect potential leads and current customers. 

The scope of the best digital marketing course in Noida is improving day by day, as every start-up and business are focusing more on digital marketing, which helps in accelerating the productivity as well as significant growth. For professionals, digital marketing provides higher pay packages, better goals, and secure job profiles.

Digital marketing has a broad scope in India in terms of communicating and promoting brands or products or services on the internet. For business and market growth, many processes bring together in digital marketing. DigitalMantra is providing one of the most advanced digital marketing institute in Noida.

Who should choose to learn Digital Marketing training in Noida

Digital marketing training should be opted by all those who want to –

  • Learn and develop the skills and qualifications for career potential.
  • Who wants to serve in the digital marketing institutes
  • Who want to improve their digital marketing sector to earn more profit in minimum efforts and resources
  • Who wants to start their working as freelancers or switch over to new marketing strategies or channels for providing services
  • Someone having a background in digital marketing training but wants to build a unique branding presence on social media platforms

Significant benefits of choosing the best digital marketing course in Noida for business

  • Provide a return on investment

The company works to improve return on investment. Digital marketing provides a better return on investment, as well as different advertising campaigns or email marketing on social media platforms, cost less than the traditional form of marketing.

  • Easy to measure results

The final results and success of digital marketing campaigns can be easily analyzed. Comparing to the various traditional marketing methods, it takes time for more than weeks or months. Google Analytics is a useful tool for measuring the specific goals which can be achieved on websites or blogs.

  • Easy to adjust

Digital marketing strategies are more flexible than traditional marketing as when the procedure is not performing as well as expected. In that case, ad campaigns can be stopped or postponed with ease. Digital marketing does not ask for massive paperwork before making any changes or adjustments in the strategies.

  • Better Brand development

Better development is an essential factor for any company, and they use different options to build their brand image. Digital marketing training helps in building a well-developed website, a full quality blog, and interaction on social media channels, which are interactive to make a better brand image.

  • Easy to share with multiples

 Digital marketing and social media channels help in sharing the content and capabilities, which helps in building brand image and share with multiple followers. The multiplier effect created by this strategy helps in improving the sales capacity up to 2X.

  • High precise targeting

Traditional marketing formats drive over the anticipation of running a campaign and then expect that consumers indulge the information, but in digital marketing, it works on the positive approach. In digital marketing, the content allows for the targeted audience, which means it will be presented to the customers as per their preference or their initial action.

  • Global Platform

The world is summed up as a global village; the performance appraisal can only be done with the help of digitization. The Best Digital marketing course in Noida helps in allowing ad campaigns to be working upfront with the immense exposure provided with the internet. Digital marketing also makes sure that the campaigns become successful by the online opportunities created with digital platforms.

  • Segmentation

Segmentation is an important aspect when it comes to a successful strategy. Segmentation is the process of breaking off huge customer groups into smaller segments according to the classification. Segmentation increases the sales as well as the trust of the consumer over the brand or their products.

  • Greater engagement

There thousands of businesses that are providing the same kinds of products and services, which is increasing the bounce rate of websites as well as a drop in quality visitors. Digital marketing helps in delivering quality engagement as well as continuous engagement with the targeted audience.

Why digital marketing training in Noida is an excellent career option

From all the students who are getting an education, it comes out that only 20% of them get the actual employability according to their profile due to a lack of industry-relevant skills and knowledge of working in the corporate sector. 

The condition is getting worse day by day due to the increasing number of students with sound theoretical knowledge but lack of practical experience. Our education system is based more on the theoretical part, with less focus on practical and skill development.

  • Digital marketing course is the present and future of digital marketing

Consumers are engaged more than 50% of their time on different digital technologies such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart cars and now smart homes which is only gaining up day by day. 

According to a survey, digital marketing is getting so common these days that it will become just marketing in the coming future. 

This means companies, businesses and Organisations will be targeting more on digital campaigns to target, engage and attract their audience.

  • Demand for digital marketing course skills in the industry

As already mentioned, digital marketing is in the list of LinkedIn job preference list, this means there will be several job opportunities introducing in the near future in digital marketing profile. 

In India, major industries such as real estate, travel, hotel and hospitality, B2B and B2C businesses, retail business, consultancy, manufacturing, export-import and other industries who are eagerly looking for professional and experienced digital marketers.

  • Digital marketing provides higher pay and better position

Digital marketing is the option for businesses to get directly connected to their audience, to communicate and interact and generate potential leads and clients in real-time reach. 

A candidate with apt knowledge about digital marketing training and strategies with professional experience will definitely lead to higher pay and a better position in the industry. 

  • Digital marketing is the need of the hour

These days when digital marketing is the major part of every marketing strategy, no company or organization wants to miss the great revenue and lead opportunities related to the digital platforms. 

Our best Digital marketing courses in Noida cannot be neglected as it is essential to take advantage of the growing opportunities on these platforms.

  • Digital marketing opens several job opportunities

After learning digital marketing skills and experience, several job opportunities will open up such as digital marketing manager, search engine optimizer, social media expert, content manager, copywriter, inbound marketer or conversion rate optimizer to name a few. 

There are many opportunities and options one can choose from as per the working interest and specialization.

  • Digital marketing training gives higher ROI

When there are so many options available to learn digital marketing in affordable rates as well as from free platforms but after learning and having a good experience, one can earn immensely high and better job prospects

  • Earn independently or work on own start-up

One of the major benefits of learning the best digital marketing course in Noida is that anyone can invest a small amount and start their own venture or as a freelancer. There are various websites such as Upwork and Internshala which provides several opportunities to work as a freelance digital marketer or part-time digital marketer


Career options after learning course in Digital Marketing institute in Noida

The major query after completion of the best digital marketing course in Noida is about the job profiles available. There are several jobs profiles which open just after learning one course i.e. advanced best digital marketing course in Noida, But it is important to make sure that for good opportunities one must understand all the concepts, as well as practical knowledge and analytical skills, should be upgraded as per the need of the industry or organization.

Lead Generation Specialist

Job description: Combination of marketing and sales, which is responsible for identifying prospective leads and turns it into clients 

Industries included: marketing and advertising, information technology and services, computer software, internet outsourcing/offshoring

Skills needed: market research, email marketing, customer relationship management, business development, digital marketing

Digital marketing specialist

Job description: using digital data to identify the target market and leads. Also, generate digital and online marketing campaigns

Industries included: information technology and services, computer software, internet, marketing, and advertising, education management

Skills needed: search engine optimization, Google ads, social media optimization, search engine marketing, Google analytics, MySQL, HTML

Customer success specialist

Job description: work to understand core client needs and organization needs 

Industries included: information technology and services, computer software, internet, marketing, and advertising, financial services

Skills needed: customer relationship management, team management, customer retention, software-as-a-service, account management

Growth manager 

Job description: use relatable growth hacking techniques to get more buyers or users for their products & services 

Industries included: information technology and services, marketing and advertising, financial services, food and beverages

Skills needed: business development, team management, growth strategies, market research, marketing strategy, digital marketing

Social Media Analyst

Job description: Helps in boosting the online presence of brand by integrating social media, search engine optimization, blogs, and online search engine optimization

Skills needed: Social media analyst includes creativity and marketing skills which help in generating awareness, sales, and promote services. Strong analytical and business communication skills with few years of experience in social media.

PPC Analyst

Job description: analyzing pay per click media performance by using data and analytical skills to optimize the outcomes from PPC activities to improve the Return on Investment (ROI). Also ensures to run successful PPC campaigns and paid social strategies

Skills needed: Excel skills, narrative analysis, descriptive analysis, forecasting and analyzing, digital marketing, Adwords knowledge

Content Marketing Executive

Job description: increase web traffic and brand awareness through appealing marketing content on the online platform. Mostly responsible for creating easily sharable content on most engaging platforms with implementing SEO practices, designing, and implementing creative marketing strategies.

Skills needed: experience in online community building, data-driven, highly analytical, Google analytics, social media analytics, and interpersonal skills with written and verbal communication

SEO Executive

Job description: conducting the on-site and off-site analysis of SEO competitors, Google analytics for regular performance reports and carrying detailed keyword search for keyword strategies

Skills needed: At least one year experience in SEO/SEM field, high quality copywriting and analytical skills, understanding of performance marketing, conversion and online customer acquisition

Major content included in digital marketing training in Noida

Core Modules

Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • Difference between digital and traditional marketing

  • Understanding digital customers

  • Digital marketing research and philosophies

  • Digital marketing processes

Website Creation, Usability, Web Design and Development

  • Importance of a website to digital marketing
  • Types of website
  • Website planning
  • Website construction
  • WordPress
  • Website optimization concepts

Content Marketing

  • Introduction to content marketing
  • Business case for content marketing
  • Content and SEO
  • Metrics and measurement
  • Content marketing tools
  • Email marketing for business
  • Introduction to email marketing
  • Email types
  • Permission types
  • Email marketing tools
  • Deliverability
  • Tracking
  • Inbound marketing
  • Introduction to inbound marketing
  • Essential of an effective inbound strategy
  • Inbound marketing audit
  • Convert
  • Call to action
  • Inbound sales
  • Online advertising and Google Adwords
  • Introduction to online advertising
  • Action and development of paid-search
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Adwords reporting
  • Analytics integration
  • Optimization techniques

Google Analytics

  • Introduction to web analytics
  • Key performance indicators and analytics
  • Segmentation
  • Actionable web analytics reporting
  • Tracking
  • Introduction to Google tag manager

Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning

  • Integrated digital marketing strategy
  • Benchmarking
  • Partner analysis and SWOT
  • Goal setting
  • KPI selection & control mechanism
  • Resource planning and allocation
  • Ecommerce marketing & market place
  • Introduction to e-commerce
  • E-commerce foundation principles
  • E-commerce project essential
  • Multi-channel consideration
  • SEO for E-commerce
  • Tools and resources
  • Online reputation management
  • Introduction to online reputation management
  • Developing an online reputation management strategy
  • Incident management
  • Crisis management
  • Reputation and business bottom line
  • Social media marketing
  • Social media strategy & marketing
  • Introduction to social media marketing
  • Business case for social media
  • Introduction to social media platform
  • Practising successful case studies
  • Content & context
  • Whatsapp marketing
  • Introduction to Whatsapp business profile
  • Overview of Whatsapp body content
  • Whatsapp marketing strategies & tips
  • Create a brand person to chat and build a brand buzz
  • Overview of Whatsapp marketing tools

Instagram Marketing

  • Overview on an Instagram business profile
  • Optimizing the business profile
  • Content strategy for Instagram posts
  • Introduction to Instagram ads
  • Understanding analytics & measurement
  • Influencer marketing on Instagram

Facebook Marketing

  • Understanding Facebook marketing
  • Creating a Facebook page
  • Best practices for Facebook advertising
  • Creating a Facebook advertising campaign
  • Setting up conversion tracking
  • Using a power editor tool for advertising

LinkedIn Marketing

  • What is Linkedin?
  • Company pages, individual profiles, & LinkedIn groups
  • How to do LinkedIn marketing on groups
  • Linkedin advertising
  • Linkedin publishing

Youtube(video) advertising

  • Understanding video campaign
  • Creating the first video campaign
  • Using youtube for business
  • Developing a youtube marketing strategy
  • Bringing visitors from youtube videos to your websites


  • Search engine optimization
  • Introduction to searches
  • Power search for SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Onsite optimization
  • Offsite optimization
  • Advance SEO
  • Google algorithm updates & penalties
  • Mobile SEO, local & vertical SEO
  • Website audit
  • Blackhat SEO
  • SEO proposal
  • Tracking and measuring SEO performance
  • Automated SEO
  • For SME business
  • Vertical specific products like education, manufacturing & hotels
  • Overview of web presence
  • Location-based SEO
  • Auto engagement engine
  • Social media integration & overview of the real-time analytics engine
  • Outbound marketing

Display Advertising

  • Introduction to display advertising
  • Ad formats and features
  • How to improve CTR
  • Campaign planning and creative formats
  • Budget allocation, targeting and tracking your campaign
  • Account overview
  • Online media planning & buying
  • Overview of online media
  • Media planning
  • Audience research
  • Media buying
  • Measuring and analyzing
  • Reconcile

Earning through Digital Marketing

  • Making money with digital marketing
  • blogging and Adsense
  • Niche. & mass

Affiliate Marketing

  • Major affiliate network and its best practices
  • affiliate marketing tools

Content Copywriting

  • Introduction to digital content
  • Content planning
  • Basics of copywriting
  • Copywriting for media
  • Optimizing content

Professional blogging

  • Introduction to blogging
  • Blogging platform
  • Keyword research for content ideas
  • Content marketing
  • How to write great persuasive content

Google Adsense

  • Overview of Google Adsense & ad networking
  • Setting up an Adsense account
  • Creating new ad units
  • Displaying ads on a website
  • Adsense dashboard

Affiliate marketing

  • Introduction to affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate marketing platform
  • Setting up affiliate marketing programs
  • Strategies to improve affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate marketing funnels
  • Leads & online Ads

Conversion Optimization

  • Leveraging the tree components of conversion optimization
  • Setting conversion optimization goal
  • Using micro-conversion vs. macro-conversion
  • Understanding target audience
  • Prioritizing high-ease pages
  • Key, tools, tips, and resources

Lead generation

  • Introduction to lead generation
  • Planning and strategy
  • Strategic lead generation techniques
  • Lead nurturing and tracking
  • Lead intelligence

Marketing automation

  • Introduction to marketing automation
  • Tools of marketing automation
  • Automation techniques using marketing automation tools
  • User perspective training on a few major one’s Zoho enterprise, salesforce and market
  • Deep know-how on Leadsquared (sales & marketing CRM)
  • Overview of chatbot apps

Retargeting and re-call ads

  • Set up remarketing
  • Remarketing list on search ads
  • Reports, track sales and conversions
  • Catch the attention of visitors
  • Compelling people to return and finish the purchase

Growth hacking fundamentals

  • Overview of growth hacking basic
  • Customer lifecycle
  • Growth hacking framework for customer acquisition
  • Growth hacking strategies

Mobile marketing

  • Introduction to mobile
  • Advantages of mobile
  • Mobile commerce
  • Mobile marketing strategy
  • Tools and resources

App store marketing & app store optimization

  • Introduction to mobile app marketing
  • App store remarketing
  • Ad formats for app advertising
  • How to track app installation
  • App review management
  • Boost SEO for apps

Live tools Guidance

Digital marketing tools are of the major component when it comes to building a successful best digital marketing course in Noida. Using the right technology and the right tools helps in getting ahead of the competition.

There are some foundational as well as some specialized tools to improve the performance of the digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing tools allow us to create, test and measure the performances of the campaigns quickly and effectively.

Live tools guidance provided by Digitalmantra: Digital marketing training in Noida

  • WordPress- hosting and support
  • Canva- graphic-design tool
  • Facebook ads- Facebook advertisement
  • Twitter advertisement- twitter advertisement
  • Linkedin ads- advertising on LinkedIn
  • Instagram advertising- Instagram advertisement
  • Youtube advertising- video advertising
  • Hootsuite- social media management
  • Buffer- social media management
  • Facebook insights- facebook analytics tool
  • Facebook power editor- management tool for Facebook
  • Social mention- social media monitoring
  • Google keyword planner- Keyword planning tool
  • Keyword io- keyword researcher
  • Screaming frog- SEO tool
  • Google webmaster tools- optimize the website
  • Bing webmaster- improve site performance in search
  • Similarweb- website traffic analysis
  • Ahrefs- robust SEO tool
  • GTmetrix- analyze site performance 
  • Woorank- SEO checker
  • Semrush- SEO & PPC tools
  • MOZ- SEO marketing
  • Keyword hero- competitor keyword analysis
  • Yoast- WordPress SEO plugin
  • SEOPTIMER- SEO audit tool
  • KWFinder- Keyword research tool
  • Rankwatch- SEO management platform
  • Google display network
  • MOAT- brand intelligence & analytics
  • Adroll- e-commerce growth platform
  • Adparlor- media buying and creative service
  • Buysellads- marketplace to buy and sell ads
  • Influencer- influencer marketing tool
  • Indiblogger- blogging community
  • Blogger- blog publishing
  • Google Adsense- Copyscape- plagiarism checker tool
  • Grammarly- online grammar checker
  • Optinmonster- lead generation software
  • Adweaber- email marketing tool
  • Getresponse- email marketing platform
  • Now Floats- auto- SEO product
  • Leadsquared- marketing & sales automation
  • Zoho- sales & business CRM
  • Letreach- browser push notifications
  • Google remarketing- remarketing on google
  • Facebook remarketing- remarketing on Facebook
  • Salesforce- sales CRM
  • GoToMeeting- webinar tool
  • Pixlr- image editing tools
  • Mail chimp- email marketing tools
  • GMass- email marketing tool
  • Google ads- ad creation tool
  • Google Analytics- Web analytics tool
  • Shopify- e-commerce platform
  • Click funnels- funnel builder and page editor
  • Unbounce- landing page builder
  • Powtoon- video creation tool
  • Hubspot- inbound marketing & sales platform
  • Buzzsumo- content marketing tool
  • Google alerts- email updates
  • subject line creator
  • Wishpond- generate & nurture lead
  • Übersuggest- a keyword planning tool
  • Moovly- video creation tool

Why choose DigitalMantra: Institute for Best Digital Marketing Course in Noida

  • Esteemed & remained the  “best digital marketing course training institute” in Delhi & NCR
  • “Layman to expert” learning
  • Google qualified trainers
  • 55+ batches
  • Backed by Digital Agency and IIM alumni
  • Trained over 7867
  • Placement assistance
  • One training 12+ certifications

Certification provided by DIGITALMANTRA:

6 AdWords certification

  • Adwords fundamentals
  • Search advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Video advertising
  • Shopping advertising
  • Mobile advertising

3 Hubspot certification

  • Inbound certification
  • Content marketing certification
  • Email marketing certification

Facebook blueprint certification

  • Google Analytics certification
  • Google mobile sites certification
  • Industry recognized DigitalMantra certificate

DigitalMantra E-Learning

Why learn digital marketing course online?

A self-paced program provides you to up-skill and stays relevant in the industry.

  • Top trainers experts in their fields
  • Start learning from anywhere and anytime
  • Provides collaborative learning ideas at the individual level
  • Both theoretical and practical knowledge with live session based on case studies and tasks 
  • Received video recordings and online papers not just to learn but to revise time to time
  • Repeat the lessons you have queries in

Best Digital Marketing Course in Noida: Digital marketing Institute details and address

DigitalMantra is always at the forefront of innovative and practical learning. DigitalMantra: digital marketing institute in Noida guided under IIM alumni who have been part of the Internet Industry since 2006. Our best digital marketing course in Noida is exclusively developed by the leading digital marketing experts and digital marketing course geeks who are still working in the same to provide you with the best and advance knowledge not only of the curriculum but applied the learning experience. 

Our the best digital marketing course in Noida structure is based on live campaigns, live tools guidance with advance level of Google and Facebook certification. 


Improving the knowledge of best digital marketing courses in Noida can provide shifts in traditional marketing strategy to digital marketing strategy, to finds a spectacular career opportunity or start a new whole career in digital marketing.

Offline digital marketing: best option to choose

Digital marketing is the idea of using digital platforms such as the internet, mobile devices, social media platforms, and search engine optimization for marketing and increasing customer reach. It refers to various promotional techniques to generate leads with the help of digital technologies.
Digital marketing is a fast-paced and demanding industry that needs a skill set and training. It is about connecting with your potential clients at the right place and right time.

Benefits of digital marketing-

• Build brand name-is the opportunity to target customers efficiently and swiftly. The essential components which include branding are the company name, logo, colour schemes, slogans, etc. 78% of consumers trust the brands that build their relevant and custom content.

• Target relevant audience and results-
Targeting the right audience is the decisive action for any business success. Most of the consumers spent more than half of the budget for finding the target audience.

• Measurable results-
Targeting the effects of digital marketing are crucial as it helps in improving and aggregating the results for future strategies. It includes the website, Facebook traffics data and analyzing the outcome.

• Cost-effective-
Marketing helps in all sizes of businesses to effectively reach and engage the target consumers online. There are several services, such as email marketing, social media marketing, blogging are some low-cost marketing campaigns.

• Customer satisfaction-
Digital marketing has completely changed the business approach. For better customer satisfaction, one vital step is to respond to the always-on consumers’ instance. Satisfied customers can turn into loyal customers and provide valuable feedback about their experience. Feedbacks can be in the form of surveys, feedback forms, blogs, and comments,

• Convenience for the businesses-
Digital marketing is a more potent form of marketing, as it will help in reaching the most targeted customers. No matter which industry is in, social media channels helps in providing and publishing unique content for products and services.

• Delivering the conversion(ROI)-
For receiving the traffics and connecting with the targeted customer, digital marketing can help in successful convert to leads. Small businesses can also help in engaging with multiple customers from any part of the world.

Why is classroom digital marketing course better than an online course?

Online courses are gaining high popularity these days. What candidate all need is just a laptop, high internet speed and your comfort place. Technological changes have made our life more comfortable, but doing online courses worth the price/hype or not? Let’s evaluate:

Classroom course Online course
Skill development The opportunity of skill development is high in-classroom courses as trainers give you not only details of course but also day to day problems in the working sector Online courses are nothing but videos recorded by the trainers regarding the topics. No option of personal skill development for students
Teaching time/method Offline classes have the timing of at least 2-3 hours weekday or weekend. One can also ask for some examples for better understandings As the content of the video is rigid and not more than 10- 20 minutes. The information shared about the topic is very basic
Total number of candidates Classes do not allow more than 10-20 students in their every class which means less distraction and more personal or one –to– one interaction with the trainer Unlimited students and no personal interaction with the trainer or other students
Query solving On-time query solving for the students, and even after that one can ask the trainer to provide some more information Questions mainly posted through the comment section which means no guarantee or time and answer
Learn from others Classroom course provides the opportunity to interact not only with trainers but also from co-learners where one can learn from their experience. No interaction or learnings from others as you are doing the course at your space
Cost A bit costly than an online course but worth the price Cheaper than an offline course, still not worth the price and time
Completion of course 90% of students complete the offline course due to better learning and motivation 30-40% stay motivated until the last module and complete the course
Motivation Highly motivated students Less motivated students
Digital Marketing: Expectations vs. Reality

Digital marketing is one of the most famous names in India these days. As per the survey conducted Mobile association of India, India will be having more than 800 million internet users by 2020. So, it is creating a fascinating platform for all the opportunity seeker business to grab significant market share.
There are many differences in our expectations and reality. We always expect higher results in our life, but it is something that not always comes out the same. The same is in the care of digital marketing.

Expectation 1- Higher the visibility, higher the business

Reality: this is never a healthy expectation for a business. As we understand that traffic is an essential factor for grabbing leads, but higher-visibility never guarantees the conversion of the potential leads to a successful business.

Expectation 2- Digital marketing is not a small business's cup of tea

Reality: For digital marketing size of the organization/business never matter. Running some business is the only factor needed for implying digital marketing strategies. If any customer, who is interested in your product/service, that first action from the side of the customer will be searching for a particular product/service on the internet. So no business can neglect the importance of digital marketing.

Expectation 3- it is easy to be a marketer. It's an effortless task

Reality: what happened when you want to get CA services? Do you take all work to the concerned person or start doing it by yourself only? The same applies to digital marketing. You can make some small changes or analyze the data, but that does not mean you can handle all the marketing strategies. It will take time and effort.

Expectation 4- paid ads will start sharing results from day 1

Reality: paid ads are a better option for turning the leads into profitable action for business, but that doesn’t mean that all the benefits will start showing from day 1. It will take time and effort. Trying and testing new options is the best thing to do for ad versions and strategies.

Expectation 5- one for all works for all social media platforms

Reality: the Interest and liking of every social media user differ from one platform to another. When your company/business is running on more than one platform, it is crucial to work on every platform separately to produce the content that works for the particular platform for accurate and expected performance.

Expectation 6- setting an excellent digital marketing strategy is enough

Reality: so many business mentors expect that once a good digital marketing strategy set, you do not need to work on it. It’s not true. For consistent results, one needs to keep a constant eye over the data and analysis of the results for future planning.

Expectation 7- Unique content guarantees success of marketing strategy

Reality: creating unique content is the need of today’s digital world; it never guarantees the success of the marketing strategy. The fact is far from your thinking. Your competitor may be posting/presenting more unique content than you. So the best option is to provide not just exclusive but high-quality content to stand a few steps further than your competitors.

Expectation 8- digital marketing is a costly affair

Reality: for setting an excellent digital marketing strategy, investment is a need, but there are so many options that are efficient for the business. To run a successful marketing strategy, suggested taking help from digital marketing professional before implementing any new plan.

Finally, we can understand that digital marketing is the need of an hour, but only using digital marketing strategies without analyzing the need is nothing but wasting efforts and resources. So it is always suggested to understand, analyze, and then go for any decision.

11 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity using digital marketing

The idea of working and turning ideas into more imaginative and competent form is known as creativity. There are mainly two factors that are broadly included in creativity, i.e., brainstorming and out of the box thinking. So, creativity gives you the ability to deal with problems in new hidden patterns and generate better solutions.

How creativity improves marketing-

Marketing is the area that continually needs new changes, imaginative and implicative ideas that are out of the box and different from competitor’s strategy. In a challenging landscape, creativity is a need for better customer experience and approach. Many of the marketing companies are mainly shifting towards reimagining the existing marketing strategies and developing better strategies, which is vital for the better performance of the campaigns.

Need for boosting creativity for better business performance-

  • creativity helps in seeking for new market opportunities and unique solutions of common problems
  • it helps to think out of the box
  • it will ensure that the business stand out from the crowd of competitors
  • creativity leads to better connectivity to the customers
  • it will lead to understanding the option of the different point of views
  • creativity make sure that the flexibility strengthen for improved performance

How can creativity grow using digital marketing?

1. Digital marketing helps in targeting audiences creatively-
The time changes, targeting the right customer is not the only option; even the customers want to enjoy the more personalized and creative experience. It is important for better targeting and achieving a higher target volume.

2. Digital marketing ensure better connectivity with the customers-
The whole market is working towards more customer-centric products and services; digital marketing will ensure that the service is not just for customers but created by the help of the customers. Social media platform provides you the opportunity to collect the needs and requirement of the customers and give then the right and best suitable product according to their problems.

3. Connect more to hustle less-
Social media is a single platform with more than 3 billion users around the world. This helps to connect with the right customers to spread customer awareness and boost the leads. It will also lead to having healthier customer satisfaction, which leads to improve and establish the overall brand image without any hustle.

4. Better recognition in the marketplace-
marketing will help you to improve, expand, and contribute to leads and to build the most creative brand in the simplest way.
Digital marketing improves the acceptance of the brand as it is the most valuable factor for any company. Better recognition of the company on the social platforms and search engine makes sure that the brand will able to win the attention and engagement of the real audience, and become more trustworthy.

5. Investment of creativity into end to end experience-
Every business and marketers rely on a better customer relationship. Digital marketing provides direct control of client attention or overall customer experience. To deal with unfamiliar customer problems, creative thinking, and digital marketing helps in the end to end experience.

6. Digital marketing and performance measurement-
For formulating new strategies, measuring all the data of the customers by different tools and analytics is an essential factor. The goal of analyzed or targeted data is to collect the right responses and convert them into the leads.

7. Digital marketing managing the fluidity of information-
Digital marketing provides user-friendly fluidity between the channels and the audience for an engaging experience. Creativity locates a significant impact on the customer and achieving the leads and having one to one information sharing.

8. Digital marketing and adding creative elements-
Have you ever gone through the creative ads? The creative ads and videos posted by companies mostly worked by adding different creative elements that combined out of the box thoughts with videos, photographs, illustrations, interesting content, and audio. These creative elements not only help in communicating your targets but also to share the right idea with their viewers.

9. Digital marketing and creative data collection-
As the data is important to factor for strategy formation, there are different segmentation and data customization such as behavioral data, contextual data, psychographic data, and geographic data. Digital marketing helps in delivering a better and relevant experience to improve brand awareness and loyalty.

10. Focusing on new factors-
Digital marketing focuses on uncovering the right information and purpose of the campaigns or projects to the right audience. Collectively sharing the right information for a set period leads to encourage and improve creative thinking.

11. Shifting website content for more visitor attraction-
It is easy to turn the lead towards the website but very difficult to retain them on the page. Digital marketing helps to motivate the visitors to retain on the website and keep them engaged for a more extended time.

Final opinion-
In conclusion, digital marketing is the finest option that can be chosen for better marketing and planning campaigns that take the brand to the next level. For a company, digital

10 Incredibly Useful digital marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Marketing is an action for connecting your potential customers at the right place and right time. Digitization or digital marketing has taken over traditional marketing, and now, digital marketing is the most preferred marketing options. Digital marketing has been already accepted worldwide from small, medium enterprises, start-ups to multinational companies. The digital platform is the biggest platform with the most comprehensive customer engagement in an everyday scenario. It is the best option to engage customers with marketing schemes and ideas. The reason is the incorporation of both technological and creative strategies, which ensure the fullest benefits for owners and businesses from compressed resources.

Benefits of digital marketing for small businesses-

  • Interaction with customers-

Digitalization provides the opportunity to interact with your present and potential customers and understand the exact needs they are opting for

  • Global platform-

Digital marketing offers a global platform for small businesses

  • Better results-

Digital marketing provides better results most effectively and efficiently than traditional marketing for small business owners

  • Building brand loyalty-

Promoting the small business work and sharing customer experience on social platforms creates a chance where your potential customers get to know more about you. It will help in building brand loyalty

  • Track response and records-

Easy measure which help in tracking the customer experience, needs, and reactions for immediate action and effort for online marketing success

  • Faster results-

With digital marketing, businesses can spot the results much faster than traditional marketing. This helps in nurturing the client base in a shorter time period to grow your business

Digital marketing tips for business to drive growth-

  1. Find the target customers- 

This is the first and foremost action whether you are going for traditional marketing or digital marketing for business. No matter how good your product or service is, if the audience is not targeted, then the business will not get any results even after all resources and efforts.

Some simple but effective targeting strategies for online marketing success:

  • Data management can change your targeting game. Ensure that all the collected information through different channels should be consolidated.
  • Psychographics is the better option than demographics as they speak about the customers’ preferences, lifestyles, and attitudes.
  • Use Facebook pages and relevant ads according to business needs and preferences which will add the real value

  1. Blogs are for the long run-

In recent times, it comes that more than 80% of website traffics is due to engaging blogs and information. Providing relevant and useful content acquires more audience and brand awareness. Blogs not only boost SEO but also assists in establishing a business.

  1. LinkedIn is the new Facebook-

Adding some extensive core skills and abilities into your LinkedIn profile ensures your presence out from the crowd and promote the business

Some options can be:

  • Choosing the eye-catching headline
  • An exciting summary and experience will work in the long go.
  • Try to promote the culture, ups, and downs of the business with inclusive efforts

  1. Create strategies by analyzing the data collected-

Digital marketing provides the exact information about the number of views, page visits, and their homepage activity. Google Analytics tracks the total number of visits, their locations, interests, the time they are spending on the website, bounce rate, and traffic. This data provides a better understanding to invest and optimize the budget in the right place.

  1. All about competitors-

Social media provides an opportunity to do a complete analysis of competitors and their campaigns. You can also go through the online strategies and ads that are the current part of their campaigns. It will level up the chances of some more opportunities and cover the possible loopholes.

  1. Work with Remarketing- 

Remarketing is the idea to work with the people you are already connected with. Most of the important tools of digital marketing provide the remarking option, which looks up the chance of higher returns. Proper segmentation through remarketing deepens the interaction with the potential customers and turns them into loyal partners.

  1. Superior website experience-

The website experience is an essential part of every customer experience. It is crucial to create a customer-friendly website that not only works faster but also provides everything in minimum efforts.

  1. Try to develop Google my business listing-

Google my business provides an option to control and manage your Google listing appears on search engine when customers are going through your business online.

Try to avoid common mistakes such as duplicate listing and unnecessary listing.

  1. Professional visual content-

Content always considered as a king, but it is important to keep the right content and avoid unjustified content. Videos provide an area that is growing at a faster pace as 97% of markets find that video helped to increase user-friendliness with their product and service.

  1. Comprehensive email marketing-

Email marketing is an efficient marketing option to reach out the potential customers and build the customer base. Emails are an excellent option to build the brand and connect to your subscribers. It is efficient and effective marketing for the targeted audience.


Digital marketing is a better option for small businesses owners with compressed budgets. These tips will help in creating and using the digital marketing strategies for business in a more effective manner for better results.

8 Trends Digital Marketing : You Must Know These 8 Trends

In 2109, many new digital marketing trends and strategies have come into light in the current high-tech, Internet-connected era.These trends have become vital for businesses to use them to succeed in their goals and objectives because what worked for them last year may not bring the same positive result this year.

Here are some the key trends they include:


Check out the infographic for more detail.

8 Digital Marketing Trends
8 Digital Marketing Trends

Industrial training in digital marketing

Digital Mantra is providing industrial training in digital marketing. If you are looking for a transition or change of your career in digital marketing then this is an unavoidable opportunity for you.

Digital Mantra offers a wide range of programs for Digital marketing live project in sector-2, Noida under the guidance of the best industrial experts.

The program consists of 7 days, 3 months and 5 months durational courses which comprise from basic to advance level modules designed for both students, working professionals, and business owners. 

Industrial training in digital marketing

The industrial training in digital marketing offered by us will help you to get the edge over people who are not familiar with digital marketing. It will provide you with knowledge about how the internet is shaping the lives of people and how you can give a boost to your career. Just like the markets, jobs are also evolving. Get a skill that will not only make you money but also save you from going out of fashion.

More and more people are needed to fulfill the demand of the increasing number of jobs in digital marketing. In this era, the world is getting digitalized, a huge number of skilled digital marketers who know technology like the back of their hand are required. 

We have come up with a practical and useful industrial training in digital marketing to train more individuals into a skilled digital marketer which will ultimately fulfill the gap.

We have mentors who are Google certified who are already professionals and have been in the same field for more than a decade.

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A business owner or an entrepreneur can enroll themselves in DigitaMantra where they would be provided with the techniques and disciplines which is needed to be utilized in organizations or business. We prove them experiences to learn and handle several tools which are necessary for the business person or in industry. Our institute offers classroom training with live practical sessions which help aspirants to get into the ground of digital marketing.


Why you should join simulation based training program?

Ever heard of Simulation based training program in Digital MarketingCurious to know in-depth?

As technology is getting advanced, Elearning software, and our understanding of how people learn, there is a rise in simulation-based training.

Simulation-based training enables you to learn through applications and situations that imitates real life, and in a risk-free environment. Simulation-based training can be applied across many different fields. 

In business areas, like project management and customer service; medical field, which allows practical work in life-saving situations; the military and drone piloting, commercial drivers, etc.

We are going to give more details on the same in this article so that you could have a clear picture.

What is a simulation training program?

Simulation is a technique for practicing and learning which can be used in different field of work and trainees. It is a technique where trainees get the real experiences with guidance that is the replica of the real world in an interactive condition and tasks. 

Simulation based training is a method to develop the professional knowledge of digital marketers, skills, and disciplines. Here you won’t be spending unnecessary money on your organization and can learn the techniques to resolve all the practical dilemmas. 

Simulation based digital marketing training program in Noida is provided by DigitalMantra. It is a valuable tool to make you understand the market as an expert in a cost-effective manner.

It is one of the best ways to assess the decisions of trainees in front of simulated real-life situations.

Here learning is done in a managed environment where a trainee can obtain hands-on experience integrating key theoretical concepts with interactive, computer-simulated situations.

Simulation based training features and benefits:

The following are the simulation based training features and benefits:

1.Hands-on Experience – If we allow students or learners to get the experience of live ad account including campaign creation, real-time optimization, optimization reports, and comparison, etc. As these systems are connected to the real, a wrong step or click can cause huge loss by the organization with no outcomes. 

But when you utilize the simulations in your training program, you can avoid such disasters by making the learners familiarize the techniques before getting their hands on real-time marketing.

The whole simulation-based program functions like real marketing which provides you a perfect environment to learn. 

2.No Limitation of Practicing – I hope you have been hearing a phrase since your childhood that “Practicing makes you perfect.” To achieve perfection you need to go through several trials and errors to get the perfection in any skill or procedure. 

Simulations based training provides trainers to get an unlimited trial to make their skills perfect.

If a trainee does any mistake then, they can repeat the procedure and start over again. Automatically, when a learner repeats the process they start noticing the mistakes they are doing and the learner gets well in contact with the entire process.

3. Instant Feedback and Good Learner Engagement – Here learner gets evaluated from entire activity in the format of learning, trying and doing with the simulation tool while you cannot judge a learner through conventional training and on top of that you cannot go through tests and assessments at periodic intervals during the course.

If there will be any error while performing the activity, the learner gets immediate feedback and it allows them to identify their mistakes and errors.

4. Spread out – The components of the e-learning course are nothing but is a method to impart knowledge in a passive manner. Conveying the information could be of various types including videos, audio clips, presentations or infographics; and it depends on the learner to grasp the things. If a learner is learning through 

 If you have an E-learning program which comprises of simulations then it will help you to change this by spreading it out a little. Practice can help you in imparting knowledge not just by learning.

Get Ready for FutureSimulations are not really have obtained their full attention yet. Presently they can only be used in particular disciplines or situations.

Simulation based training program can go up to the next level by the utilization of virtual reality. If you combine virtual reality with manual controllers then it helps users to interact with the virtual environment. 

With the help of these, we can learn realistically and we can perform a lot better in the market. These are not expensive which makes them valuable for everyone. 

Why you should do this program from DigitalMantra?

Simulation-based training has opened up a new educational application in digital marketing. DigitalMantra will make you get familiarize with the actual marketing market where you learn and practices practically and can even check the outcomes.

You would be assisted by Google certified expert mentors who will not only teach you but share their experiences through this simulation program. You can come and join DigitalMantra where we would be providing you Simulation based training program in Noida sector 2.

Learners will see the potential in virtual reality learning and will invest time and energy.

DigitalMantra is providing simulation based training in digital marketing in a cost-effective manner and training should be examined in terms of improvement of campaign optimization and its impact on an organization’s bottom line. 

You would be a certified digital marketer with expertise.

Want to remove fresher tag then join our advance digital marketing course in Noida

Are you a fresher and don’t have experience?

Well, that’s why we are here for. Get industrial experience to get over the rollercoaster of your career.

Here you will get the answers about your career in digital marketing. DigitalMantra has designed the advance digital marketing course in noida to help you master the essential disciplines in digital marketing. Digital marketing is growing very rapidly and is known to be the fastest growing disciplines across the world.

This certification course will raise your value in the marketplace and prepare you for a career in digital marketing. DigitalMantra is known to be the best digital marketing training institute in Noida sec 15 offering advanced courses at affordable prices.

Advance digital marketing course in Noida

We all are aware of the fact that traditional marketing is no more effective. Digital marketing is leading us to reach targeted customers at the right place and the right time. We are providing a digital marketing training program in Sector 2, Noida.

Course Description

It comprises of 5 Month Advance Digital Marketing Course which expands your in-depth knowledge and builds up your digital marketing expertise. In this course, you would be provided with 3 months of advanced digital marketing training in Noida with 2 months of paid internship.

During these 3 months, you will learn every basic to expert learning. It comprises of search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), social media, conversion optimization, content marketing, web analytics, email, and mobile marketing, etc.

Get trained by certified marketing professionals who have industrial experience. We mainly focus on practical oriented training so we train students with hands-on training and live projects.

You would get more than 30 hours of simulation-based training where you would be dealing with real-time marketing. This would help you in becoming an expert in the organization’s digital marketing plans.

In simulation too, students experiment with marketing strategies in an engaging game-like exercise. Students are exposed to online ad management across different social media platforms like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., this will lead to skillful techniques and ideas to deal and become a professional digital marketer.

2 Month Paid Internship

Our digital marketing2 month paid internship is a specialized program designed for college students, aspiring digital marketers and marketers to gain practical advance industrial experience by working on client’s projects and helping them achieve potential audience through their digital field of knowledge.

The candidate would be provided with real work challenges which are according to their field of expertise including SEO, content marketing, mobile app development, website creation, social media promotion, and many more.

The interns would be provided with the wages along with an appointment letter. Interns will get a chance to work very closely with a team of highly professional employees assisting them performing the job with efficiency and accuracy.

In the end, you will come up with experience in your hand by adopting an advance digital marketing course in Noida.

If you are looking for a program which also pays you then, the 5-month digital marketing training course would be the best to choose where you come out with experience and advanced techniques and specialty.

Digital Marketing Certification Program

You can attain a 12+ certification program including certification from DigitalMantra.

Our specialty

  • The mentors are highly experienced Google certified
  • You would be provided with 1 lakh virtual money which will provide you with real-time marketing environment.
  • Revisions and backup classes are available
  • Simulation-based training, and many more.

Benefits of taking the digital marketing specialist course?

Digital marketing, the most envied skills for any marketing professional to get a higher salary and a more impactful role.

Entrepreneurs find digital marketing the most desired medium to reach potential and targeted customers.

For Students, career prospects and job security are the essential keys for students. Digital marketing positions offer high salaries and job satisfaction. This could help students to stimulate their career.

Digital marketing training program help professionals to expand their skillsets and master digital marketing to confidently manage complex digital marketing problems.

This advance digital marketing course in Noida is known to be one of the most in trend course. So, grab the opportunity and become an expert.