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Digital marketing is a combination of all the significant digital marketing efforts with the use of the internet and electronic devices. Several channels are used, such as social media, email, search engine, and their websites to connect potential leads and current customers. 

The scope of the best digital marketing course in Noida is improving day by day, as every start-up and business are focusing more on digital marketing, which helps in accelerating the productivity as well as significant growth. For professionals, digital marketing provides higher pay packages, better goals, and secure job profiles.

Digital marketing has a broad scope in India in terms of communicating and promoting brands or products or services on the internet. For business and market growth, many processes bring together in digital marketing. DigitalMantra is providing one of the most advanced digital marketing institute in Noida.

Who should choose to learn Digital Marketing training in Noida

Digital marketing training should be opted by all those who want to –

  • Learn and develop the skills and qualifications for career potential.
  • Who wants to serve in the digital marketing institutes
  • Who want to improve their digital marketing sector to earn more profit in minimum efforts and resources
  • Who wants to start their working as freelancers or switch over to new marketing strategies or channels for providing services
  • Someone having a background in digital marketing training but wants to build a unique branding presence on social media platforms

Significant benefits of choosing the best digital marketing course in Noida for business

  • Provide a return on investment

    The company works to improve return on investment. Digital marketing provides a better return on investment, as well as different advertising campaigns or email marketing on social media platforms, cost less than the traditional form of marketing.

  • Easy to measure results

    The final results and success of digital marketing campaigns can be easily analyzed. Comparing to the various traditional marketing methods, it takes time for more than weeks or months. Google Analytics is a useful tool for measuring the specific goals which can be achieved on websites or blogs.

  • Easy to adjust

    Digital marketing strategies are more flexible than traditional marketing as when the procedure is not performing as well as expected. In that case, ad campaigns can be stopped or postponed with ease. Digital marketing does not ask for massive paperwork before making any changes or adjustments in the strategies.

  • Better Brand development

    Better development is an essential factor for any company, and they use different options to build their brand image. Digital marketing training helps in building a well-developed website, a full quality blog, and interaction on social media channels, which are interactive to make a better brand image.

  • Easy to share with multiples

     Digital marketing and social media channels help in sharing the content and capabilities, which helps in building brand image and share with multiple followers. The multiplier effect created by this strategy helps in improving the sales capacity up to 2X.

  • High precise targeting

    Traditional marketing formats drive over the anticipation of running a campaign and then expect that consumers indulge the information, but in digital marketing, it works on the positive approach. In digital marketing, the content allows for the targeted audience, which means it will be presented to the customers as per their preference or their initial action.

  • Global Platform

    The world is summed up as a global village; the performance appraisal can only be done with the help of digitization. The Best Digital marketing course in Noida helps in allowing ad campaigns to be working upfront with the immense exposure provided with the internet. Digital marketing also makes sure that the campaigns become successful by the online opportunities created with digital platforms.

  • Segmentation

    The world is summed up as a global village; the performance appraisal can only be done with the help of digitization. Segmentation is an important aspect when it comes to a successful strategy. Segmentation is the process of breaking off huge customer groups into smaller segments according to the classification. Segmentation increases the sales as well as the trust of the consumer over the brand or their products.

  • Greater engagement

    There thousands of businesses that are providing the same kinds of products and services, which is increasing the bounce rate of websites as well as a drop in quality visitors. Digital marketing helps in delivering quality engagement as well as continuous engagement with the targeted audience.

Why digital marketing training in Noida is an excellent career option

From all the students who are getting an education, it comes out that only 20% of them get the actual employability according to their profile due to a lack of industry-relevant skills and knowledge of working in the corporate sector. 

The condition is getting worse day by day due to the increasing number of students with sound theoretical knowledge but lack of practical experience. Our education system is based more on the theoretical part, with less focus on practical and skill development.

  • Digital marketing course is the present and future of digital marketing

    Consumers are engaged more than 50% of their time on different digital technologies such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart cars and now smart homes which is only gaining up day by day. 

    According to a survey, digital marketing is getting so common these days that it will become just marketing in the coming future. 

    This means companies, businesses and Organisations will be targeting more on digital campaigns to target, engage and attract their audience.

  • Demand for digital marketing course skills in the industry

    As already mentioned, digital marketing is in the list of LinkedIn job preference list, this means there will be several job opportunities introducing in the near future in digital marketing profile. 

    In India, major industries such as real estate, travel, hotel and hospitality, B2B and B2C businesses, retail business, consultancy, manufacturing, export-import and other industries who are eagerly looking for professional and experienced digital marketers.

  • Digital marketing provides higher pay and better position

    Digital marketing is the option for businesses to get directly connected to their audience, to communicate and interact and generate potential leads and clients in real-time reach. 

    A candidate with apt knowledge about digital marketing training and strategies with professional experience will definitely lead to higher pay and a better position in the industry. 

  • Digital marketing is the need of the hour

    These days when digital marketing is the major part of every marketing strategy, no company or organization wants to miss the great revenue and lead opportunities related to the digital platforms. 

    Our best Digital marketing courses in Noida cannot be neglected as it is essential to take advantage of the growing opportunities on these platforms.

  • Digital marketing opens several job opportunities

    After learning digital marketing skills and experience, several job opportunities will open up such as digital marketing manager, search engine optimizer, social media expert, content manager, copywriter, inbound marketer or conversion rate optimizer to name a few. 

    There are many opportunities and options one can choose from as per the working interest and specialization.

  • Digital marketing training gives higher ROI

    When there are so many options available to learn digital marketing in affordable rates as well as from free platforms but after learning and having a good experience, one can earn immensely high and better job prospects

  • Earn independently or work on own start-up

    One of the major benefits of learning the best digital marketing course in Noida is that anyone can invest a small amount and start their own venture or as a freelancer. There are various websites such as Upwork and Internshala which provides several opportunities to work as a freelance digital marketer or part-time digital marketer

Career options after learning course in Digital Marketing institute in Noida

The major query after completion of the best digital marketing course in Noida is about the job profiles available. There are several jobs profiles which open just after learning one course i.e. advanced best digital marketing course in Noida, But it is important to make sure that for good opportunities one must understand all the concepts, as well as practical knowledge and analytical skills, should be upgraded as per the need of the industry or organization.

Lead Generation Specialist

Job description: Combination of marketing and sales, which is responsible for identifying prospective leads and turns it into clients 

Industries included: marketing and advertising, information technology and services, computer software, internet outsourcing/offshoring

Skills needed: market research, email marketing, customer relationship management, business development, digital marketing

Digital marketing specialist

Job description: using digital data to identify the target market and leads. Also, generate digital and online marketing campaigns

Industries included: information technology and services, computer software, internet, marketing, and advertising, education management

Skills needed: search engine optimization, Google ads, social media optimization, search engine marketing, Google analytics, MySQL, HTML

Customer success specialist

Job description: work to understand core client needs and organization needs 

Industries included: information technology and services, computer software, internet, marketing, and advertising, financial services

Skills needed: customer relationship management, team management, customer retention, software-as-a-service, account management

Growth manager 

Job description: use relatable growth hacking techniques to get more buyers or users for their products & services 

Industries included: information technology and services, marketing and advertising, financial services, food and beverages

Skills needed: business development, team management, growth strategies, market research, marketing strategy, digital marketing

Social Media Analyst

Job description: Helps in boosting the online presence of brand by integrating social media, search engine optimization, blogs, and online search engine optimization

Skills needed: Social media analyst includes creativity and marketing skills which help in generating awareness, sales, and promote services. Strong analytical and business communication skills with few years of experience in social media.

PPC Analyst

Job description: analyzing pay per click media performance by using data and analytical skills to optimize the outcomes from PPC activities to improve the Return on Investment (ROI). Also ensures to run successful PPC campaigns and paid social strategies

Skills needed: Excel skills, narrative analysis, descriptive analysis, forecasting and analyzing, digital marketing, Adwords knowledge

Content Marketing Executive

Job description: increase web traffic and brand awareness through appealing marketing content on the online platform. Mostly responsible for creating easily sharable content on most engaging platforms with implementing SEO practices, designing, and implementing creative marketing strategies.

Skills needed: experience in online community building, data-driven, highly analytical, Google analytics, social media analytics, and interpersonal skills with written and verbal communication

SEO Executive

Job description: conducting the on-site and off-site analysis of SEO competitors, Google analytics for regular performance reports and carrying detailed keyword search for keyword strategies

Skills needed: At least one year experience in SEO/SEM field, high quality copywriting and analytical skills, understanding of performance marketing, conversion and online customer acquisition

Career options after learning course in Digital Marketing institute in Noida

Core Modules

Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • Difference between digital and traditional marketing
  • Understanding digital customers
  • Digital marketing research and philosophies
  • Digital marketing processes

Website Creation, Usability, Web Design and Development

  • Importance of a website to digital marketing
  • Types of website
  • Website planning
  • Website construction
  • WordPress
  • Website optimization concepts

Content Marketing

  • Introduction to content marketing
  • Business case for content marketing
  • Content and SEO
  • Metrics and measurement
  • Content marketing tools
  • Email marketing for business
  • Introduction to email marketing
  • Email types
  • Permission types
  • Email marketing tools
  • Deliverability
  • Tracking
  • Inbound marketing
  • Introduction to inbound marketing
  • Essential of an effective inbound strategy
  • Inbound marketing audit
  • Convert
  • Call to action
  • Inbound sales
  • Online advertising and Google Adwords
  • Introduction to online advertising
  • Action and development of paid-search
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Adwords reporting
  • Analytics integration
  • Optimization techniques

Google Analytics

  • Introduction to web analytics
  • Key performance indicators and analytics
  • Segmentation
  • Actionable web analytics reporting
  • Tracking
  • Introduction to Google tag manager

Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning

  • Integrated digital marketing strategy
  • Benchmarking
  • Partner analysis and SWOT
  • Goal setting
  • KPI selection & control mechanism
  • Resource planning and allocation
  • Ecommerce marketing & market place
  • Introduction to e-commerce
  • E-commerce foundation principles
  • E-commerce project essential
  • Multi-channel consideration
  • SEO for E-commerce
  • Tools and resources
  • Online reputation management
  • Introduction to online reputation management
  • Developing an online reputation management strategy
  • Incident management
  • Crisis management
  • Reputation and business bottom line
  • Social media marketing
  • Social media strategy & marketing
  • Introduction to social media marketing
  • Business case for social media
  • Introduction to social media platform
  • Practising successful case studies
  • Content & context
  • Whatsapp marketing
  • Introduction to Whatsapp business profile
  • Overview of Whatsapp body content
  • Whatsapp marketing strategies & tips
  • Create a brand person to chat and build a brand buzz
  • Overview of Whatsapp marketing tools

Instagram Marketing

  • Overview on an Instagram business profile
  • Optimizing the business profile
  • Content strategy for Instagram posts
  • Introduction to Instagram ads
  • Understanding analytics & measurement
  • Influencer marketing on Instagram

Facebook Marketing

  • Understanding Facebook marketing
  • Creating a Facebook page
  • Best practices for Facebook advertising
  • Creating a Facebook advertising campaign
  • Setting up conversion tracking
  • Using a power editor tool for advertising

LinkedIn Marketing

  • What is Linkedin?
  • Company pages, individual profiles, & LinkedIn groups
  • How to do LinkedIn marketing on groups
  • Linkedin advertising
  • Linkedin publishing

Youtube(video) advertising

  • Understanding video campaign
  • Creating the first video campaign
  • Using youtube for business
  • Developing a youtube marketing strategy
  • Bringing visitors from youtube videos to your websites


  • Search engine optimization
  • Introduction to searches
  • Power search for SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Onsite optimization
  • Offsite optimization
  • Advance SEO
  • Google algorithm updates & penalties
  • Mobile SEO, local & vertical SEO
  • Website audit
  • Blackhat SEO
  • SEO proposal
  • Tracking and measuring SEO performance
  • Automated SEO
  • For SME business
  • Vertical specific products like education, manufacturing & hotels
  • Overview of web presence
  • Location-based SEO
  • Auto engagement engine
  • Social media integration & overview of the real-time analytics engine
  • Outbound marketing

Display Advertising

  • Introduction to display advertising
  • Ad formats and features
  • How to improve CTR
  • Campaign planning and creative formats
  • Budget allocation, targeting and tracking your campaign
  • Account overview
  • Online media planning & buying
  • Overview of online media
  • Media planning
  • Audience research
  • Media buying
  • Measuring and analyzing
  • Reconcile

Earning through Digital Marketing

  • Making money with digital marketing
  • blogging and Adsense
  • Niche. & mass

Affiliate Marketing

  • Major affiliate network and its best practices
  • affiliate marketing tools

Content Copywriting

  • Introduction to digital content
  • Content planning
  • Basics of copywriting
  • Copywriting for media
  • Optimizing content

Professional blogging

  • Introduction to blogging
  • Blogging platform
  • Keyword research for content ideas
  • Content marketing
  • How to write great persuasive content

Google Adsense

  • Overview of Google Adsense & ad networking
  • Setting up an Adsense account
  • Creating new ad units
  • Displaying ads on a website
  • Adsense dashboard

Affiliate marketing

  • Introduction to affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate marketing platform
  • Setting up affiliate marketing programs
  • Strategies to improve affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate marketing funnels
  • Leads & online Ads

Conversion Optimization

  • Leveraging the tree components of conversion optimization
  • Setting conversion optimization goal
  • Using micro-conversion vs. macro-conversion
  • Understanding target audience
  • Prioritizing high-ease pages
  • Key, tools, tips, and resources

Lead generation

  • Introduction to lead generation
  • Planning and strategy
  • Strategic lead generation techniques
  • Lead nurturing and tracking
  • Lead intelligence

Marketing automation

  • Introduction to marketing automation
  • Tools of marketing automation
  • Automation techniques using marketing automation tools
  • User perspective training on a few major one’s Zoho enterprise, salesforce and market
  • Deep know-how on Leadsquared (sales & marketing CRM)
  • Overview of chatbot apps

Retargeting and re-call ads

  • Set up remarketing
  • Remarketing list on search ads
  • Reports, track sales and conversions
  • Catch the attention of visitors
  • Compelling people to return and finish the purchase

Growth hacking fundamentals

  • Overview of growth hacking basic
  • Customer lifecycle
  • Growth hacking framework for customer acquisition
  • Growth hacking strategies

Mobile marketing

  • Introduction to mobile
  • Advantages of mobile
  • Mobile commerce
  • Mobile marketing strategy
  • Tools and resources

App store marketing & app store optimization

  • Introduction to mobile app marketing
  • App store remarketing
  • Ad formats for app advertising
  • How to track app installation
  • App review management
  • Boost SEO for apps

Live tools Guidance

Digital marketing tools are of the major component when it comes to building a successful best digital marketing course in Noida. Using the right technology and the right tools helps in getting ahead of the competition.

There are some foundational as well as some specialized tools to improve the performance of the digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing tools allow us to create, test and measure the performances of the campaigns quickly and effectively.

Live tools guidance provided by Digitalmantra: Digital marketing training in Noida

  • WordPress- hosting and support
  • Canva- graphic-design tool
  • Facebook ads- Facebook advertisement
  • Twitter advertisement- twitter advertisement
  • Linkedin ads- advertising on LinkedIn
  • Instagram advertising- Instagram advertisement
  • Youtube advertising- video advertising
  • Hootsuite- social media management
  • Buffer- social media management
  • Facebook insights- facebook analytics tool
  • Facebook power editor- management tool for Facebook
  • Social mention- social media monitoring
  • Google keyword planner- Keyword planning tool
  • Keyword io- keyword researcher
  • Screaming frog- SEO tool
  • Google webmaster tools- optimize the website
  • Bing webmaster- improve site performance in search
  • Similarweb- website traffic analysis
  • Ahrefs- robust SEO tool
  • GTmetrix- analyze site performance 
  • Woorank- SEO checker
  • Semrush- SEO & PPC tools
  • MOZ- SEO marketing
  • Keyword hero- competitor keyword analysis
  • Yoast- WordPress SEO plugin
  • SEOPTIMER- SEO audit tool
  • KWFinder- Keyword research tool
  • Rankwatch- SEO management platform
  • Google display network
  • MOAT- brand intelligence & analytics
  • Adroll- e-commerce growth platform
  • Adparlor- media buying and creative service
  • Buysellads- marketplace to buy and sell ads
  • Influencer- influencer marketing tool
  • Indiblogger- blogging community
  • Blogger- blog publishing
  • Google Adsense- Copyscape- plagiarism checker tool
  • Grammarly- online grammar checker
  • Optinmonster- lead generation software
  • Adweaber- email marketing tool
  • Getresponse- email marketing platform
  • Now Floats- auto- SEO product
  • Leadsquared- marketing & sales automation
  • Zoho- sales & business CRM
  • Letreach- browser push notifications
  • Google remarketing- remarketing on google
  • Facebook remarketing- remarketing on Facebook
  • Salesforce- sales CRM
  • GoToMeeting- webinar tool
  • Pixlr- image editing tools
  • Mail chimp- email marketing tools
  • GMass- email marketing tool
  • Google ads- ad creation tool
  • Google Analytics- Web analytics tool
  • Shopify- e-commerce platform
  • Click funnels- funnel builder and page editor
  • Unbounce- landing page builder
  • Powtoon- video creation tool
  • Hubspot- inbound marketing & sales platform
  • Buzzsumo- content marketing tool
  • Google alerts- email updates
  • subject line creator
  • Wishpond- generate & nurture lead
  • Übersuggest- a keyword planning tool
  • Moovly- video creation tool

Why choose DigitalMantra: Institute for Best Digital Marketing Course in Noida

  • Esteemed & remained the  “best digital marketing course training institute” in Delhi & NCR
  • “Layman to expert” learning
  • Google qualified trainers
  • 55+ batches
  • Backed by Digital Agency and IIM alumni
  • Trained over 7867
  • Placement assistance
  • One training 12+ certifications

Certification provided by DIGITALMANTRA:

6 AdWords certification

  • Adwords fundamentals
  • Search advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Video advertising
  • Shopping advertising
  • Mobile advertising

3 Hubspot certification

  • Inbound certification
  • Content marketing certification
  • Email marketing certification

Facebook blueprint certification

  • Google Analytics certification
  • Google mobile sites certification
  • Industry recognized DigitalMantra certificate

DigitalMantra E-Learning

Why learn digital marketing course online?

A self-paced program provides you to up-skill and stays relevant in the industry.

  • Top trainers experts in their fields
  • Start learning from anywhere and anytime
  • Provides collaborative learning ideas at the individual level
  • Both theoretical and practical knowledge with live session based on case studies and tasks 
  • Received video recordings and online papers not just to learn but to revise time to time
  • Repeat the lessons you have queries in

DigitalMantra E-Learning

DigitalMantra is always at the forefront of innovative and practical learning. DigitalMantra: digital marketing institute in Noida guided under IIM alumni who have been part of the Internet Industry since 2006. Our best digital marketing course in Noida is exclusively developed by the leading digital marketing experts and digital marketing course geeks who are still working in the same to provide you with the best and advance knowledge not only of the curriculum but applied the learning experience. 

Our the best digital marketing course in Noida structure is based on live campaigns, live tools guidance with advance level of Google and Facebook certification. 


Improving the knowledge of best digital marketing courses in Noida can provide shifts in traditional marketing strategy to digital marketing strategy, to finds a spectacular career opportunity or start a new whole career in digital marketing.


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